Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Obama's Birth - Mom Not the Only Parent from Kansas?

Americans have believed since Obama burst on to the political scene in 2004 that he is the son of a white woman and a man from Kenya named Barack Obama.

But recent investigation in Hawaii has revealed a bombshell of a story, namely that Barack Obama is the biological son of Frank Marshal Davis, a noted writer and member of the American Communist Party.

Look at the photos above and see for yourself. Which of these men does Obama most resemble? Do genes lie? CAN genes lie?

Could it be possible that a massive cover-up is being perpetrated on the American public?

The Manufactured Candidate

The entire political career of Barack Obama has been carefully crafted around the notion that he is the son of a white mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya, making him the "race-unifier", "the one" who will help "America heal its wounds", the perfect leader who can bring harmony to a world divided by religion, race and economics. This "hybrid" candidate image not only allows him to appeal to people of all races in America, it also makes him attractive to Islamic fundamentalists who have traditionally despised our nation. He is white. He is black. He is Kenya. He is Kansas. He is Jesus. He is Mohammed.

All of this combined makes him an exotic choice, whose veneer has hypnotized a nation of otherwise rational thinkers.

Are you one of those being duped by this dishonest man?